Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Some things you didn't know

I know it's officially Cheapie Tuesday, but It's comfortable on the couch and Top Gear Australia is on so I refuse to get up and go and find my camera cord for the post I was planning.

Instead, I thought after such a long hiatus from blogging during the computer saga, and since some lovely new people have joined my little piece of the interwebs, I would share with you a little bit more about me.

So here's ten things you might not have known about me before today:

1) I do not cope well with cold. I suffer badly during the dark days of winter when nothing I do can make me warm or put feeling into my toes and fingers. It makes me snarky and irrational. Especially when someone ruins the cosy pocket of warmth in my bed by stuffing around with the covers. Instant snark.

2) I am a Top Gear fanatic. I would sell my spare kidney to spend a day with Richard Hammond. I may sell WonderMan's if necessary.

3) My hair is impossible. I have been told this by multiple hairdressers, over many years. It is neither straight nor curly, and it resists all attempts to make it go either way. And no, it doesn't have lovely "waves" it has kinks. Deranged cockatoo kinks. I can't grow it past my chin because it starts to fall out. One day I will give up and start wearing a wig.

4) I gave up Textiles classes in year 9 so I could take extended French. Now I am preparing to train in dressmaking and fashion design. I have never used my French outside of class, but if landed in the French countryside I would not go hungry because I can order a cheese sandwich and a bottle of wine fluently.

5) I am out of proportion. Seriously. The measurement from my hips to my toes is the same as my hips to my head. I am the definition of "a bit short one end".

6) I can wear heels all day and dance all night. If I spend a day shopping in flats I will arrive home crippled and unable to get out of the car. But I love my heels and my flats equally.

7) I have two half brothers I have never met. And a sister I wish I didn't have.

8) I used to race sidecars with my dad. We came second in the state two years running. They were the best two years of my life, and even though I would give anything to have them back, I'm so overwhelmingly proud of Dad and his new passenger, who brought home the state title this weekend. I cried, serial.

9) I have an epidural injury caused by a sadistic midwife. It took me six months to walk without a pronounced limp, and I still have only partial feeling in my left leg.

10) I am a massive Terry Pratchett fan. I was given Witches Abroad at age 11, and I have almost every Discworld book written. I've read them all so many times I have had to replace most of them at least once because they fell apart from love.

So now you know ten more things about me.

I'd love you to share something about you!

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