Monday, 29 August 2011

Yay! We have a decision!

I told you we are leaving right? Well now we have an ok on WonderMan's new job, although we don't have a start date yet.

But we have decided he's taking it, and that the kids and I will move at the end of the year.

I have decided I have until Christmas to reduce our stuff as much as possible without living off milk crates.

I've also decided I've had enough of moving our freaking heavy couch and I need to have saved enough money to buy a new ikea one by the time we move. And various other things I find while looking through the catalogue my cousin has so nicely saved for me (because I live in Hicksville I don't get a catalogue, gypped).

I've decided not to feel bad about leaving my family. They don't want us to go, so they make us feel like we are making a bad decision, or running away, or rushing in to things.

Well I can tell you this has been a VERY carefully thought out decision.

And we are carefully planning every step.

And I can't wait.

I'm a little sick of the guilt trip my parents play on me every time I make a decision either A) without consulting them, or B) that they don't like. I am twenty seven. I have my own family, with all the difficult decisions involved with that. I have my own voice, my own opinion, my own life to live.

And I'm not going to tie myself down to what they want for my life. Just because my mum is stuck in Hillbilly Hell, does not mean I have to be. It's almost like "if I have to suffer it, so do you". All the bullying, all the bullshit, the only thing she ever has to say is "well you just have to put up with it". Um excuse me? WHY should I put up with it?

Exactly. I don't have to. And neither do my children, like Tiger, who is the target of consistent and insidious bullying from girls whose parents can't accept who I am.

We're finding our way through our future, not running away from our past.

Get over it already, okay?

P.S. Blogger is being weird, someone help me switch to somewhere else, before I lose everything, including my mind.

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