Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Cheapskate Tuesday

So... we are constantly bombarded with
Great Deals!
Fantastic bargains!!
and opportunities too good to miss!!!

If you are like me you know how to get the best out of what you spend but are maybe not so good at the not spending bit.

We have finally got to the point where our budget is back in black.

I'm dreaming of red shoes instead of red numbers.

And I'm going to the Digital Parents Conference in March! Squeeee!

Really! Really really!!

When I very quietly and hesitantly asked WonderMan tonight he said "Of course you can!" with much enthusiasm and no sarcastic stuff at all.

So now I have to do some serious saving, because what is a trip to the big smoke without some serious plastic melting and baggage limit blowing?

I read a lot of articles about saving money, most of them pretty generic, but there's some simple and easy things you can do that can turn a dream into reality.

Some of my favourites are below:

Repair things - especially if it's only a minor repair. Doing a little thing now saves time and money when it breaks for good. We throw away way too much these days, so not only does repairing save you money, it saves the planet as well.

Pack a drink, and some crackers - nothing will suck up your change quicker than children in the midst of an "I'm huuungry..... I'm thiiiirsty" marathon.

Use your tax return to save money later - if you are lucky enough to get a return, use it to pay a yearly expense, like car registration. That way it doesn't creep up, leaving you to bend your budget to pay it later on.

Invest in board games - cheaper than video games, with the added bonus of creating time to talk and play with the family.

Buy white sheets - okay, when I spotted this tip a few months ago I was like "Are you crazy?" I bought some anyway... and it's true! They match everything, last forever, and if they get marked you just bleach them and they are new again.

Remember Cheapie Tuesday - lots of stores start their weekly discount cycle on Wednesday.... so guess when you get the best deals? That's right! Tuesday is typically a slow trade day, so when you are looking for big ticket items, this is the day to go hunting for a bargain. Put the spare cash between the price and your budget into your savings.

Have a change jar - or piggy bank, or a sock under the mattress, whatever. Put your change in it after you come in each day. It adds up. My uncle hates coins, and empties his pockets into jars in his kitchen every day. When mum went overseas for her 50th birthday he gave her all the change in the jars... which was over $700!

Save your lotto money - many people pay $20 a week for a lottery ticket. If you put $20 in a box every week for a year you will have $1040 and feel like you just won lotto. Why wouldn't you?

Squirrel away exra funds - a small pay rise, Medicare rebates, the odd amount left in your bank account the day before payday? Shove it into a savings account before you are tempted to spend it. Don't let it go near your everyday account or it will disappear. All those incidental gains will add up much more quickly than you think.

And I've said it before, but I will repeat it, because I need the reassurance.

DON'T take your husband shopping. He just doesn't understand unit pricing, menu plans or why you don't need six boxes of cocoa pops.

And make sure he goes to work.

Trust me.

WonderMan has been home four days, and already my budget, my patience and my sanity are torn to shreds!

Feel free to share your tips below :) I need all the help I can get

Happy saving!

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