Thursday, 29 September 2011

Thankful Thursday

It's my first foray into Thankful Thursday.... and if I wasn't so tired I would probably write something terribly deep and meanigful and moving and.... yeah.... sorry.... not gonna happen!

Basically, right at this moment, I am thankful for lots of stuff, but not on a universe level, more of a this-second-someone-is-not-bugging-me kind of level.

First up I'm thankful for the rain. You're probably thinking "Is she MAD??" But I'm thinking from a truckie's wife point of view (O.M.G. I am a truckie's wife..... holy paddle pops....) Rain at the right time is perfect for harvest. It can mean the difference between lots of work and almost no work at all. It can mean a Christmas bonus or nothing under the tree. And also it's making me appreciate the sunshine more. Which I don't get much time to do before it's gets effing hot and I start whining about summer.

I'm bloody thankful I work inside at the moment.

I'm so desperately thankful that WonderMan did not disturb me too much when he left this morning at 5 freaking o'clock. And that I got to sleep in until my alarm went off at seven. And that Frog got up at 7:45. So I got an entire coffee, a shower, and dressed myself before she bothered me!

Very thankful to my beautiful kidlets who ate, washed, dressed and got in the car in a record 20 minutes with no essential things missing and smiles on their faces the whole time. I'm going to relive that moment when my blood is boiling during the usual scream-filled snail race that is my morning.

I'm thankful for having too much work at work, because it's better than not having a job because there's nothing to do. Plus it keeps me busy, burns calories, and ensures I do not lose English as my first language and revert purely to toddler speak.

My thankfullness overflows at the fount of toilet training.... which saw Frog coming home only having ONE yes ONE wet nappy at daycare today. That's in 9 hours. WOO!

I'm thankful that I know the local daycare staff are fantastic, and that despite the automatic mother guilt pangs, she was happy and cared for for those 9 hours, because we all do what we have to do to survive.

Thankful I only work part time and in some ways I get the best of both worlds.

So very very thankful for WonderMan arriving home in one piece, every day, because even though I okayed the career change, knowing I can't hold back his dreams, I have so much fear about losing him. Mind numbing, paralysing fear that is not allowed to escape lest I never come back.

Even though I love dancing... I'm really thankful there's no dancing today. Devils in tutus after 9 hours flat out working would have made my brain implode.

I'm thankful for coming home, kidlet hugs and takeaway (yeah, I cheated)

And most of all, I'm immensely thankful that there is beer in the world, and most importantly, beer in my friedge.


Mmmmm... beer.....


  1. That is a lot of thankful!
    Amd definitely hold on to that moment with the kids getting ready quickly; that never happens around here! Iit it did I would be thankful for a whole month!

  2. I know - I'm sure the toddler will never ever get dressed for me again :P

    Oh and one more thing.... I am supremely grateful to the lovely @chickensbees on twitter who helped me fix my comments so I can stop being snobby and aloof and actually REPLY to all you lovely people!!



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