Friday, 14 October 2011

For Fucks Sake Friday!

Oh yes indeedy, it is Friday, which means linking up with the gorgeous Dear Baby G for the newest highlight of my week (yep, I'm that lame) FFS Friday!

Sooo... what could possibly have given me the shits more than last week?

WELL... sit back and enjoy...

Mum picked up Tiger for a sleepover Sunday night, and within an hour had to call me to pick her up because The Bitch was behaving so badly she had made them all cry, including my beautiful girl. My rage knows NO BOUNDS.

Frog has hit the next stage of being stuck between 2 and 3, by screaming like a banshee at regular intervals all. day. long.

Frog has also decided that henceforth she will be referred to as "SuperGiggle!" which would be fine except she has stolen my very expensive and quite favourite scarf to be her cape, and refuses to take my offer of trade for a tea towel.

WonderMan has been promising to wash and vacuum the car for weeks now so yesterday I took the car to the carwash and paid up so I could make it all clean and sparkly. Then I came home and removed half the contents of my children's bedrooms. Then I vacuumed. At which point WonderMan and his boss appeared home from work and as I was vacuuming the last square inch of the car, he said "Would you like me to do that for you?"

After ringing me twice yesterday to give me the rundown on how his plan for our trip was going to go, including packing his bag as soon as he got home from work, the King of the Procrastinators (aka WM) was ten minutes away from being picked up this morning when he took his life into his own hands and said "You will pack a bag for me today won't you?"
(FYI - I gave him a firm no, much of which rhymed with truck...)

I bought the cutest pair of earrings ever, little roses in teal blue, and after one whole day of wearing them my earlobes are now all red, puffy and crusty.

After congratulating myself for the fabulous way I was looking after my skin, and having a completely pimple free period, I woke up yesterday with a post-menstrual breakout that rivals some of my worst teenage years.
F.  F.  S.

While attempting to limit breakout damage I may have found a wrinkle.

If you need me this weekend I will be shopping. I may tweet you in between shops when I come up for air and wine.

If you miss me, pop over to visit Dear Baby G who started all this FFS palaver and who probably feels MUCH better now she has read this, no?

And don't forget to visit Parental Parody who has generously saved a place for me by her side at DPCON12, and whose wine cask handbag I doth covet.

Also linked with the always gorgeous Glowless for Flog Yo Blog Friday. Because I'm a blog flogging whore like that.

Peace out xx

Dear Baby G


  1. Absolute gold! Think we may need a whole barrel of wine! I sent #1Hubby on a work trip after making him pack his own last minute bag. He had nothing but thongs for shoes for a very corporate 4day conference. Served him right and thank you karma

  2. Oh dear... what a week. I have to admit I smiled at the whole "Super Giggle" thing - at least she has good taste?!

  3. My comments keep disappearing and I'm so freaking tired I have forgotten what awesome funny things I have just said to you. I will leave it at this ... you are the Queen of FFS Fridays!

  4. You certaintly have had an eventful week. May your next week be hopelessly boring.

  5. The WM taking his life into his hands had me laughing out loud! Too funny! The offer to help, not so much - to fing familiar!

  6. Ha...

    I need to clean my car. It's scary in there.

  7. Heh heh - I'm wondering how much of a death wish he has after promising to clean the car out on Sunday after our wekend away.... it's still got my suitcase in it... this may not end well ;)


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