Thursday, 13 October 2011

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday is good for me. I am a natural anal nitpicker, I can see what hasn't happened and what I haven't achieved but barely notice the result of my hard work!

Checking in every week to be thankful is starting to make me see the good bits amidst the chaos.

So this morning I'm thankful for:

Getting some ironing done. The tub was waaaay too full and even though I love ironing it's one of those jobs that comes way down the list of priorities on a daily basis.

Having a free coffee on my cafe card. So today my mocha will taste better than ever!

Frog not being sick after all. When she started snuffling I thought the worst, and was just starting to consider the criteria of daycare vs staying home. Turns out it was a snuffle, and she's fine. Which means I am fine, and I can drink my mocha in peace.

WonderMan letting me get an iPad. Why so thankful? Because of the enormous pleasure it gives me to annoy The Bitch, and baby, this is going to annoy her so much she may actually explode (please?)

Having my own house to live in with my little family. Because it means I don't have to put up with anyone's shit, and I can make the rules. It also means there is somewhere for mum to go to retain her sanity over cups of strong coffee, and slices of cake.

School holidays. Because I actually get to see Tiger most days. There are only so many hours she can spend reading in her room before she must emerge for food, and then I can corner her into spending some time with me.

SPRING. Because I know that at some point it is going to warm up and I will be able to feel my toes again. It gives me a tiny wee shred of hope that the cold. will. stop.

Aunties and pasties. Nothing better than a plate of nice warm pasties for dinner. Especially when cooked by someone else!

My job. Which this week is sponsoring my first shopping trip in YEARS. I may have to leave the kids behind just to fit it all in the car. Which will of course devastate me, but I'm sure the shopping will more than make up for it.

Shops, and credit cards. Nuff said.

Cousins. Well only one actually, but one good enough to make up for all the rest. Her kids are funny, and when they see our kids they play. Nicely. With no fighting. Believe me, I'm overwhelmingly grateful for this!

Rice paper rolls. Well I would be, if I actually got to eat the damn things! I've been trying to buy a roast chicken at the supermarket ALL WEEK. Every single time I go there they have sold out, it will be 45 minutes, or the damn serving girl can't see them because her head is up her arse.

But I'm sure I will be very thankful once I do finally get to make them.

Are you thankful today?

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  1. Free coffees are always something to be thankful for. And yay, iPad!

    That's quite a list :D

  2. I know! Things that start with i make me iShivery! It was quite a list this week, I've been working hard at looking "on the bright side"

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I am very jealous about the iPad! Hope your shopping trip is a big success.


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