Saturday, 29 October 2011

HTML Madness!

I am not geeky.

I am a bookworm, yes. I read the newspaper and inhale current affairs like air. I got A's in everything without much trying, but I am not so good at the whole computer thingo. 

So blogging is hard work for me.

Well not the actually writing bit, because Blogger lets me do it the sucky ten year old way (um.... probably a 10 year old could code better than me... but anyway...)

But the pretty-ing-up bit. And yes I made up that very hyphenated word all by myself.

It's probably because we never had a computer at home. In year 7 my family were given a very very old Apple computer on par with the dreaded Commodore 64.

And none of us could use it.

And the printer didn't work.

Also at school that year the computer room full of Commodore 64's was replaced by a room full of shiny new IBM's, which my class installed.

And I loved every drawn out second of cables and "booting up" and installation of programs.

You would think that would give me the kick in the pants to become an expert wouldn't you? To say, "Hey, I'm really good at this maybe I should do it to make money and be rich and own a Triumph?" But no, I didn't, because my IT teacher I copped in Year 10 was a complete and utter arse who thought I was "wasting his time" before I even stepped through the door, for no apparent reason.

And we still only had the shitty old Apple at home.

Which I learned to program by absorbing the entire manual as my reading matter for a fortnight. That thing was MASSIVE. If I had hit someone with it they would have needed some serious head wound attention.

I learned the finer points of floppy disk usage.

I played Frogger until my eyes burned.

I coded pictures made up of teeny tiny blocks.

But I never got that damn printer to work, despite many frustrated hours sobbing "but the book said this would woooooork!"

And now, I have entered the world of blogging, where everyone's blog looks super duper awesome and mine looks like a child found a space to type some stuff.

I started off with my super old IBM, which I think was one of the originals I installed in the computer room at school... I named him "Dinoputer".

Dinoputer got me through the first few months of my blog when I didn't really care what it looked like as long as it didn't crash before I pressed the Publish button.

But now I have a reasonably decent computer capable of much more than even I can dream (but probably was outdated before it reached me).

So I have pulled up my princess pants and told myself I can learn HTML code.

And how to make banners and stuff.

So I might not have much to say this weekend, while I grapple with learning a whole new language.

I will see you on the other side.......

P.S. I have managed to resize and line up all the pretty buttons on my sidebar so Glowless might read my blog...... and because I have to admit, I like things neat and I cringed at the mess every single day. They look much better now, no?


  1. Go for it! I think it'll be fun.

    I need to learn html for my degree... is it sad that I'm actually looking forward to it?

  2. hey lovely, do you know what? I love your blog just as much as I love those fancy pancy blogs with all the bells and whistles......

    You are writing and you are blogging, that is what I love! And I only yesterday had to ask a lovely blogger to help me with html because I suck at it!!!

  3. Aw thankyou! It's starting to become a bit closer to what I envisioned when I started, and is bringing me out the other side of a really horrible time. So for that reason I love it, I just want it to look like I feel at the moment i think!

    And I'm getting there slowly with the HTML and stuff.... slowly piecing together a header...


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