Friday, 23 December 2011

For Fuck's Sake Friday - The Crazy Christmas Edition

Linky up with the gorgeous DearBabyG to let go of some headslapping type moments before Christmas, so I can enjoy some angst free wine this weekend!

Here's some of why this week has given me the shits:

WonderMan's house got flash flooded, which he used as an excuse to go to the pub. FFS.

Then the boss gave him a week off so he could come home. Frog and I spent the evening doing all the housework and waiting for Daddy. Who was over an hour late with no contact, driving at night in holiday traffic, and couldn't understand why I was flipping out. FFS.

Tiger went to stay with my Aunty and was asked to stay another night, with a perfunctory check for permission. If I had said no I would have been the demon witch to both my family and my daughter. I hate being put in that spot. FFS.

Getting no work in the month before Christmas put a stranglehold on my shopping budget. I had a choice between paying the bills or giving my kids Christmas. I chose my kids, so I won't be answering the phone for the next few weeks until I'm caught up again. FFS.

WonderMan got all the paperwork I asked for (finally). And left it at his house, possibly floating in the water. FFS.

We got invited to a friend's house for a Christmas/pre-moving catch up, and after an hour our hosts disappeared to either have sex, or have a domestic. Quite possibly both. FFS.

It's taken until today for my "war on couch surfing" to have an effect. I've been asking for help since Monday. FFS.

WonderMan is off having beer with his mate and insists he will be home in an hour. Yeah. Right. And that little piggy flying past just snorted too. FFS.

I never get invited anywhere. And if I did, I would get the "You can go... it's fine.... no really" until I got home at which point I would be guilt slammed as if I left for a month to go on a crack bender. FFS.

But if I say no to WonderMan I will get a hissy fit worthy of a PMSing, wine and chocolate deprived, raving madwoman. I can't win. FFS.

I finished sewing the girl's dresses, wrapped all the presents and have overseen the creation and baking of the kid's gifts to the family, and now I have nothing to do until Sunday, meaning I will have to sit down and talk to my MIL tomorrow because I can't find anything else to do. Hurry up Christmas! FFS!

Cheaper than MOFO therapy...

Dear Baby G

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