Sunday, 1 January 2012

I Made a Resolution for 2012 - Yay For Me.

Actually I made three.

ONE: Stop wasting time and heartache on bitches who need a bullet.

TWO: Find a hairdresser who knows what they are doing and get them to fix this thing I suspect is meant to be hair on top of my head.

THREE: Hurry up and get married.

Short and to the point.

I like.

The first I have struggled to manage in previous times because there is this overwhelming "politeness" within me that means I must smile, say hello, observe the social niceties... when all I want to do is punch them in the face. 

I won't actually punch them but I will just walk away. And smile while I'm doing it. No point giving myself a depressive slump because a random feral wants to play some kind of childish power game, for reasons only a mentally unbalanced two year old would ever understand.

The second is a hope more than a resolution but I will just keep on trying and hopefully it doesn't take all year. Anyone know a fabulous hairdresser in Adelaide who knows how to do something with baby fine, mousey brown hair?

The third is purely and simply because I have been avoiding it long enough. And not because I don't want to get married. It took us until now to realise but neither of us want "the wedding". I was all for fully eloping, but that's selfish and doesn't include our kids, who truly are an integral part of our marriage. So we are organising a mini (and I mean teensy tiny) wedding party and booking a cruise for our honeymoon. DONE.

Mostly I just want to find some happiness again.

I want the sourness to go from my life.

My saviour can only ever be myself.

So I'm putting on my shiny tinfoil and galloping to my rescue. 

Up up and away!

PS - Move is T minus three weeks... I can feel the freedom!

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