Friday, 30 December 2011

For Fuck's Sake Friday - The "Is it next year already?" Edition

Linking up with Dear Baby G to get it off my chest one last time this year! Go on, let it all out... you know you want to...

I'm not at all impressed with 2011. It sucked big hairy balls.
And I still have to get through one and a half days of it. FFS.

I really wanted to go to Wine Country for New Years. So I could meet the locals, have a beer with WonderMan's lovely boss and family, and NOT BE HERE. That last bit is really the most important.... but it looks like I will be here after all. FFS.

WonderMan got to come home and stay for the whole week before Christmas. Yeah that was awesome, except the reason he was home is that his house flooded. And he did sweet fuck all of nothing while he was here except get on my nerves. FFS.

Turns out he can stay until New Year's because the insurance assessor didn't bother to turn up. So they can't touch the house until he gets off his festive drunken butt and finds a way to get out of paying any insurance. Meantime the house is sitting in six inches of mud, in high 30's heat for two weeks. FFS.
That little cottage was out back up plan if we didn't have a house to move into by moving day. But after the flooded January this year I'm not ready to risk it in the year of the Apocalypse. FFS.

So this means we have nowhere to stay for New Year's meaning we will be "celebrating" it here.  By celebrating I mean I am going to get wildly drunk and will most likely burn any bridges the Hicksville locals have not yet blown up. FFS.

 We get a choice of a big falling down house with no air con and lots of scrubby yard, or a courtyard home that is all new and shiny but has a pergola and a ten inch square of instaturf. Or paying over half WonderMan's wages every week to get a reasonable house with a bit of actual yard, and old broken down air con. FFS.

I'm so sick of propping up and fixing other people's houses, and putting up with the invasion of various wildlife, insects and rude landlords, I'm seriously considering the courtyard one... but it means $1000 dog has to stay at the farm for a while. FFS. 

Frog's non stop whine reminds me of a jet engine about to take off. FFS.

WonderMan has gone fishing leaving me to recover from the Christmas tonsillitis with two snarky kids and the housework. FFS.
Hello 2012.... how about you hurry up and get the FUCK over here. And while you're at it, use those dancing shoes to give 2011 one big fuck off kick in the rear.

Happy New Year biatches!

Dear Baby G


  1. I wish I could celebrate NYE with you and help you burn those last few bridges because that sounds mega awesome!!

    2012 is going to be great, I just know it! and it's 90 days until DPCON12 :)

    Happy New Year!! mwah xx

  2. Frikken men! Who needs them. Why do we hang around the bastards?? FFS

    Oh well... what else is there to do?

    Wishing you an amazing 2012 and hope you can stay awake long enough to see the New Year in. Bit hard to keep the eyes open when you have kiddies.


  3. DearBabyG and I could totally take hicksville with you in the name of moral support, solidarity, and any excuse to drink too much and be excessively loud.

    PS : Unrelated note, DearBabyG is in my mobile phone auto-text. How cool is that?!

  4. BAHAHAHA! You girls made my YEAR! March is getting so close I can feel the party :) :)

    Happy New YEAR!


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