Monday, 9 January 2012

January Photo A Day Challenge - Week One

I am not any kind of photographer. I would dearly love to be, but at the moment my aging digital is causing me all sorts of hassles and it falls to my iPhone to pick up the slack.

Here are my pictures from the first week of iPhoneagraphy!

Day One : Me : In all my sweaty dusty packing glory!

Day Two : Breakfast : The most awful instant coffee ever. But typical of me forgetting about breakfast until lunchtime.
Day Three: Something I Adore : The Manna from Heaven that is coffee at my local cafe.

Day Four : Letterbox : I took this to remind myself that soon we be "Others" instead of "Local"

Day Five : Something You Wore : Finished work and immediately drove north to see my man, so I wore my sunnies.

Day Six : Something That Makes Me Smile: My tea trio, complete now as the kids gave me the spotty pot set for Christmas, and it makes me smile every morning.

Day Seven : Favourite : My favourite cousins children playing with mine. So much LOVE!

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I'm hoping to complete a year of challenges... but I'm pretty sure I will be playing catch up every now and then.

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  1. Love your teapot, it is so happy. It will be quite a challenge to take a meaningful picture a day, most of my photos are boring!!


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