Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Move Update - Two weeks to go

I assume you have noticed I have been away for the last few days.

And when I was here so much was going on I have been in a social media blackout with out even trying!

I tripped up north Thursday evening to stay with WonderMan for the night and start the moving process from that end. 

I'm exhausted so the bare facts will have to sustain you - I'm not up to much else today.

As of Friday I have a job, and we most likely have a nice house to live in.

WonderMan arrives the Thursday before we move with the truck, and we will move on the 21st.

I have our non-essential belongings packed and aim to finish the rest this week, with the idea that the week after I can clean the house and yard, and have it ship shape and ready for the next mug who gets sucked in to renting it.

I've been happily enjoying the company of my cousin and her gorgeous kidlets this weekend, as well as spending most of today at my grandmother's house, receiving guests and helping out at her 90th birthday. And of course cuddling my #1 niece and keeping the tetchy two under control.

A little tired but overjoyed that the final pieces of this move are falling into place.

I will be back into my blogging next week in between boxes!

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  1. Congratulation on the new job, being ready to move, and to Grandma for celebrating 90 years. 2012 does look like it will be a good year for you.


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