Sunday, 25 March 2012

In which we go out to dinner....

We received our first invitation in wine country last week, and last night we spruced up and went out for dinner!

A progressive dinner to be exact, which we had never heard of before. (For those who don't either, it's dinner spread out over people's houses, with a course in each house).

I was so nervous, we've never been invited anywhere, unless you count the odd 21st birthday where everyone is swimming in beer by 4pm, and to dinner at my mum's which is pretty much like being a kid again.

I probably talked too much. By dessert the wine (and cocktail!) was really kicking in. But I had so much fun. And I didn't fall over, or do anything terribly embarrassing (I think).

The company was amazing, the food was divine, and the laughs were like food to a starving person. 

There are really wonderful people here. They are kind, and clever, and friendly. I have spent all my life believing that life was like this somewhere. We've found it.

We're home now.

Thankyou x



  1. Sounds amazing. So happy for you. And being in wine country, no doubt you had some top quality wine, yes?

    1. Oh indeed - I polished off the best part of two bopttles, plus cocktail, plus bubbly. All without hangover!


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