Monday, 9 April 2012

And She Came Home Empty Handed...

I've come home from Hicksville without my engagement ring.

On Friday afternoon I took it off to do some baking because stuff gets stuck in all the fiddly claws and grooves. 

I put it on the breakfast bar above where I was working and got distracted.

Sure enough when I was looking for it that night, and the next morning.... it was gone.

We hunted and searched... I pulled apart every corner of that damn kitchen... even asking Pa to take apart the bin bag.

It appears I've been tempting the universe too much lately and it's seen fit to take the one possession I would ever insist on saving if my house burned down.

I was so reluctant to leave, even having one last check while Frog was waiting patiently in the car.

I admit I cried a little on the way home.

It's the most special thing I've ever owned. Until the day I was given it I never wore a ring.

It's been the subject of many "oohs" and "aaahs" and "how beautifuls!".

It didn't cost much. Not anywhere near worth insuring, but priceless to me.

WonderMan says he will get me a new one.

But I don't want a new one.

I want my old one.

The one he gave me four years ago. The one that had to lose half it's weight in gold before it would fit on my tiny finger. 

I feel naked and lost without it.

Please dear universe... give it back to me.


  1. Oh honey - I can only imagine... it would make me sob too.

    But, don't give up hope. My step mothers ring turned up after a couple of years (I know you don't want to wait that long) and I am sure others have similar stories of things returning.

    How far could it possibly have gone? xx

    1. Thanks Renee x

      I'm hoping that it will turn up eventually. But in the meantime I feel pretty bare!

  2. That's aweful...hope it finds its way back to you xx


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