Monday, 23 April 2012


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There's no mistaking the pile of dog's business that was today.

It could only have been a Monday.

And I'm still furious at the universe, so I thought I'd lighten up a bit and join in with Java at Never Growing Old

So you can Meet Me On Monday!

This weeks questions and answers.....

I keep putting off_______________?

..... the filing....
....the ironing....
...the research into the study I want to pursue but can't get up enough courage to initiate...

What is your current weather?
The drama queen in me is shrieking "Cold! COLD! It's fecking COLD I tell you!!"
It's Autumn (Fall)
The season of rainbows as the sun plays games with the grey skies and showers.
The air has a freshness that renews the soul.
 And enough bite to tell me that I need to get some wood into our woodshed before I become the Michelin Man in layer after layer of shivering cold bloodedness.

What is the nicest room in your house?
I love this house a lot. In fact the only bad thing I have to say about it is that it doesn't have a hall because it is set sideways on the block, so the (rarely used) front door opens into one of the living areas.

I adore the main living area at the back of the house. We use this as our lounge room, and it has large beautiful windows to let in the sunshine and of course the delightful view.

And it wins my favourite room because it has a bar.

What jewellery do you never take off?
 My engagement ring. Except when I bake sometimes because it has claws and spikes and gets crap stuck in it. But after losing it at my mums at Easter I can assure you it will never come off again!

Do you eat a snack before bed?
Confession time - I am an in-bed snacker. Which is probably 100% why I seem to be slowly morphing up sizes, a bit like a melting glacier on rewind.

A cross between my avid reading in bed, and boredom caused by insomnia means I turn to all the things I can easily say no to during daylight hours. There's just something about a warm snuggly bed at midnight with a hot mint chocolate and some Malteasers.....

I'd love to learn more about you!
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