Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Mess Fairy Lives Here

This is my house after being away last weekend and at work all week.
It seems the Cleaning Fairy sub let her tenancy to the Mess Fairy.

Supposed to be my office/sewing room - you can see the filing is mixed with the sewing and junk.

It started raining today, set to continue for a week *sigh*

The floor is only clean because my favourite wine glass fell off the bench and shattered this morning.

The Bar. Full of crap (as most bars are!)

Tidied this afternoon before I took photos, before I had to map paths through the mess.

The bed WM made. It was not much better before I jumped on it believe me. Note the lack of bedside tables meaning mess just piles up.

Because on is in apparently.

Ah. My wardrobe. Let's close our eyes now shall we?

I would like to tell you this organised chaos, and that it's a home, and we live here, and that's how a home should be....

But the mess is an indicator of the dark cloud, and the troubles in my head and my heart.

I need order to balance the chaos of my life.

This is the worst my house has looked for weeks and I'm so disappointed in myself, and I know that I will be the only one fixing it.

I'm very tired of doing it all myself.

It's very hard to live with a "mummy's boy" when you rely on cleanliness and order to keep your head straight.

 The more anxious I get the neater it needs to be.

The harder it is to deal with what has piled up around me now.

And I have no doubt that I will be spending Sunday doing it all while WonderChild tells me how tired he is from the couch*

*So I can add shampooing the carpets to remove the blood to my to do list. 

It may not be as clean as it should be, it may make me anxious and cross, but it's REAL. 
This is our home, right now, because we live here. 

 I'm sharing my house, as it is, with Marita at Stuff With Thing.

You can see more real households on Twitter using the #Myhomerightnow, and #thisisourhome tags.


  1. ahh, yes, my house looked like this too. After husband kept saying it's a sty he wouldn't actually do anything. Only JUST got the last load of laundry done, nothing is folded yet so that's piled sky high in the sitting room. My bathroom hasn't been touched since Jesus rose again and I'm scared to go in there LOL

    1. I hear you about the bathrooms - managed to guilt WM into cleaning those today (praise Jeebus!)

  2. I decided long ago that I wanted a tidy clean home for ME! Not for him. I don't do his washing unless it's something that will be in the category that I have so anally sorted. The kids learned when they were around 5 or 6 that if it wasn't put in the laundry basket properly, it wasn't going to be washed. I would just mention this individually in a quiet moment.
    Didn't make a big deal out of it. It worked but not all the time.

    Can you see yourself in 5 years down the track? What will change?
    In my case....bugger all except me. I had the 'problem' not him. He was happy in his pile of shit. lol
    Thinking of you. xo

    1. You're right! It is my problem... but it is a problem that really does affect me day to day, my mood, my stress levels, my anxiety. He was a clean person who shared household jobs until I took maternity leave. Now I am "mummy slave". I cannot live with the level of untidiness and filth he is happy to, and I feel very cheated when I am working again but the load is not shared. There are very few jobs I ask him to be responsible for and when he repeatedly does not do them it's me that it affects, not him. He's not the one trying to squeeze more into an already overflowing recycling bin because he has "forgotten" to put it out for six weeks!

      I think the key problem is lack of respect for me since I was a SAHM for a while. And I am at a complete loss how to address that issue!

    2. I know exactly how you feel! When I talk to 'Clive' telling him I'm not happy etc etc there is no conversation except for him to tell me that I don't do lawn mowing or whipper snipping!
      Now... that's a fucking great statement.
      If I talked to others about the situation I felt like a nit picking whiner but it was a huge legitimate list of complaints that made me sick to my guts. All about lack of respect to me.
      I may be wrong but if you love some one, you do what you can to make life easier and you respect and appreciate them.
      I don't know what you can do except keep your knickers on! lol. Nah... too tired from doing ALL the chores. Fuck Off!
      See.. turns me into a real bitch. anyway sweet, good luck.


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