Saturday, 30 June 2012

FFS Friday - The Edited Edition

Oh my darlings... I had so much to tell you but I'll just pick the worst so you aren't all here until next week...

One, two, three, whiiiiiiiine....

 I am writing this from Frog's bed, as she has taken over mine. FFS.

It's warmer in here but it stinks like Vicks from the vaporiser thingo, at least I won't get a cough. FFS.

 She's been sick ALL. DAMN. WEEK. FFS.

I may have got my eight hours in... over five days. FFS.

After a mammoth effort at keeping the crazy at bay while she coughed and coughed and coughed and coughed... she started to get better and now the hacking phlegmy cough has begun. FFS.

In my ear, all night and day. FFS.

I worked a full week last week, and despite WonderMan's dubious promises to "help me when I worked full time again" (arrogantlazychauvanisticfuckingbastard) he's done fuck all of nothing. And less than usual to boot. FFS.

During this week of misery and sleeplessness he has managed to lower that total yet again. FFS.

Every time I turn around he is "going to bed because I'm soooo tired." FFS.

On Monday, with full knowledge that I had a meeting to go to after dinner, he parked his car NEXT TO the shed. Not in the shed or in the carport. Next to the shed in the exact spot I reverse Every. Single. Day. So guess who reversed into it in the pitch black on the way to her meeting? FFS.

 I can't go walking while Frog is sick so I feel fat and lazy to go with the sleep withdrawals and batshit craziness. FFS.

Tiger is still trying to pull a fast one when it comes to the basic everyday grooming tasks. She smooths the top of her hair and puts it in a ponytail and thinks I'm fooled. Today I cut an inch long dredlock out of her hair. FFS.

This afternoon she informs me that she can't wait to go to SuperGranny's house because it's her favourite place in the whole world, and she never wants to come home. Way to kick your mum in the guts kid. FFS.

Every day she walks out of school with a boy. Apparently he's just a boy. I need a shotgun. FFS.

WonderMan came down with a toothache yesterday, and made my life miserable all night, to top off a week of no sleep with sick Frog. She slept really well. FFS.

Despite my firm advice he swallowed an entire pack of Nurofen, then added two codeine for good measure... needless to say he was poisoned and sick to go with the miserable. FFS.

I had to fork over every cent of my hard earned overtime (with which I was going to do some well deserved shopping) to get the stupid tooth taken out. FFS.

And that's after waiting around with a cranky three year old in the car because we arrived exactly ten minutes early for his appointment and the dentist had a sign on the door proclaiming "Back at 1:20". Which was a good 15 minutes after the time the receptionist had INSISTED we be there. FFS.

 I just wish my stupid fucking husband would acknowledge how exhausted and over stressed I am but instead he moans that he hasn't got enough money to do the things he wants because *I* dont work enough. FFS.

I don't have time for a nervous breakdown but surely it's my turn now right? FFS.


Pass the wine bottle please.

And when you're done, pass it on to Dear Baby G, she needs it too. 


Dear Baby G


  1. OMG! I don't know where to start!
    Maybe you should get your hubby to read this post? Or give him a swift kick up the backside!

    1. I agree with the need for some swift kicking! It's rarely that easy where men are concerned though, is it? Bastards. Can't live with them, can't kill them...

    2. I need to purchase some seriously pointy boots me'thinks!


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