Monday, 2 July 2012

I've Become My Mother's Mother

On Friday I found myself baking stuff for Tiger to take with her to SuperGranny's house.

And decluttering Frog's wardrobe so she would have "daycare clothes" for the ever growing Baby Niece.

I'm a constant source of "motherly wisdom" despite the fact that I'm still blundering through the first five years myself.

I am confidant, sounding board, a shoulder to cry on.

But by far the biggest change has been in our reversal of organisation, and planning.
The busier I get the further ahead I plan. I have to be on the ball because I could end up like last week and get called into work every day. If I don't want my family to starve and my house to be declared a biohazard zone I have to be ready.

So you can imagine how frustrated I was by the time she rang me on Friday to tell me we would meet on Sunday. But couldn't tell me what time, or where, or anything, because "it was too far away". I wasn't aware that the principles of time dilation applied to Hicksville, but apparently they do.

Saturday afternoon she rang me to organise a time and place to meet her on Sunday. It was like trying to find out when you're teenage son is coming home tonight, only with less "whatev's" and "dunno's".

ME: What time does Baby Niece usually have her morning sleep? We want to leave approximately half hour before you because we have a slightly longer journey, and we will both be there at close to the same time.

SG: Sometime in the morning. Oh and I have to organise to pick up (Annoying) Friend A, because your father can't come, he has to cut wood.

ME: And you need to bring AFA because?

SG: I don't like driving by myself with Baby Niece, I need someone to entertain her. She might cry.

ME: Oh for heavens sake... you need to toughen up princess. 

SG: Well I don't like it, so AFA is coming. 

ME: *sigh*

SG: And we have to see your sister.

ME: *barely muffled scream* You know you really need a cup of cement.

SG: Anyway I thought we would meet at Big W.

ME: So where's that?

SG: Don't you know?

ME: Mum, Murray Bridge is not a place I choose to, you know, be in any longer than absolutely necessary, as in driving through it is too long. I have no freaking idea where you mean. 

SG: Fair call. So it's down here and turn there...

ME: So are we going to meet for lunch, or just do coffee? 

SG: Oh I don't know, I suppose we will do whatever when we get there.

ME: Which will be when exactly. 

SG: Oh I don't know, around lunchtime.

ME: Oh now you sound like the MIL. Her lunchtime was four in the afternoon.

SG: Don't be ridiculous.

ME: I'm not being ridiculous, I'm trying to organise a seamlessly executed child holiday handover so I don't waste all my time waiting for you when I could be buying shoes. And you are being vague and unhelpful.

So after finally nailing her down to a time we arrived in the car park within three minutes of each other. 

And she still thinks I'm being ridiculous.

Mothers these days...

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