Saturday, 9 June 2012

Gettin My Craft On ~ My First Tutorial

We are starting to turn our rented house into a home.

Bits and pieces are coming together, and my wishlist is getting longer and longer.

One of the hardest things about decorating a rented home is what to put on the walls.

In our house there are acres of stark, white walls and even though we have made a start, the girls rooms looked so bare.

Time is short, and our pockets shorter so the delightful handmade fabric bunting I have on the plan is a little while away. Putting my recycling skills to work I soon found the perfect items to make my girls some quick and quirky bunting.

TUTORIAL ~ Birthday Card Bunting

You need:

Birthday cards ~ I used the girls' latest cards, you could colour co-ordinate if you like, I liked the idea of the special memories each card brings.

Hole punch

Sticky tape

Curling ribbon/wool/string/fishing line/ribbon ~ I used curling ribbon because it's what's we had in the cupboard.

Wall hooks ~  We use the 3M hooks that can be removed without marking.

Getting started:

Sticky tape your cards closed so they lay flat and don't push out from the walls when you hang them

 Punch a hole in the top corners of each card

Lay out your cards and decide on which order you want to string them, play with them until you like the result.

Start threading your ribbon through the loops of your cards.

Tie a loop in one end of your ribbon, hang from one of your hooks and measure the right length for it to hang just how you like. Cut the ribbon to length and tie a loop in the end. Hang from your second hook and adjust the cards as you wish.


We had to rehang this one, WonderMan doesn't quite understand the aesthetics of a curve...
  There you have it, beautiful bunting in half an hour.

We had to buy hooks which cost us around $6. So it wasn't expensive, or time consuming, and it means something special to the girls.

 And the best part was finding a way of displaying these keepsakes, instead of stashing them away in the cupboard with some vague notion that I would do something with them one day!

What do you do with your kids' birthday cards? 


  1. What a fantastic idea! I have all sorts of ideas for decorating the boys' room but just don't get round to it. This is so easy & inexpensive! Love it!

    1. Thanks Kate! You know a box of Pantone postcards would make some seriously stylish bunting ;)


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