Thursday, 7 June 2012

Oh... did you miss me?

I haven't been here much.

Nothing's wrong.

No crises.

No slump into the dark side.

Just... not quite here...

I could spin you a line about life being busy, giving more to my kids, my husband, myself...

It would be bullshit.

So basically... this is it...

I'm tired.

I'm a little uninspired by the everyday.

My brain has great ideas at 3am, but is slightly mushy during the day.

A bit like a radio station that is just slightly off it's tuning mark.

I'm just quietly retuning myself.

Breathing the fresh air and turning my face to the sun.

I'll be back soon



  1. Good luck with your re-tuning. I hope you stumble across a funky and fantastic inner station that's playing "I'm Walking On Sunshine" or similar :)

    1. Thanks Katriina :) Feeling a little more in tune with each day that goes by!


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