Wednesday, 18 July 2012

I Should Have A Bucket List

Because lately I've been managing to do so many things that make me feel more and more like a "grown up". Things that I've wanted to do for a long time, and a lot of people have done since childhood and I just felt like I was missing a bit of knowledge and experience I thought I should have.

In the last few months I've:

Moved away from my childhood town 

Taught myself to wax my furry legs 

Mastered my blowdryer and discovered how gorgeous my hair can be

I've been interviewed and photographed for the paper (more about that next week!)

And this weekend I went to my first ever AFL match!

I've wanted to "go to the footy" ever since I was a young girl. Unfortunately Hicksville was just too far away - by the time you added travel, accomodation, food etc to a couple of tickets it was something my parents were never ever going to be able to afford, and not something that would ever have come high on their priority list.

This weekend we were given the chance to attend thanks to free tickets from My Budget and Balls For Life.

So these four little Bombers supporters rugged up and headed to AAMI Stadium on Saturday.

The highlights for me:

 Seeing Hirdy! In real life as opposed to on a tv screen! Admittedly he was several feet below  us as we were in the northern grandstand but WOW!

Shouting and cheering with a crowd of Bombers supporters - the adrenalin rush from being there in the middle of the excitement and noise is amazing.

The family in front of us whose son ran out with the team and could not possibly have been more excited, he looked like was going to burst!

His dad who was convinced the umpire in front of us was legally blind and offered his dog.

Watching our team get up and WIN!! It can't get any better than that.

So there you go, I've been there. I'll definitely be going back again.

I'm going to put Official Grown Up on my contact cards now.


  1. So damn proud of you... I was lucky enough to go to 1 AFL game and what a great day.. I just lurve Buddy Franklin form Hawthorn so might have to make another trip to Melb next year in footy season and go see them play. Love the grown up things you can now do... xo


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