Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Tinsel trees...

I have been watching as our town's Christmas decorations have been appearing in the main street, more and more each day. Scarlet bows and strings of tinsel pom poms wrapped around trees.

They make me smile as I drive through town on the school run, there's a feeling in the air now, a small charge that flits from one pair of bright eyes to another.

It feels right to be here, now. This is our home, our place in the world.

The passive aggressiveness of family... shunned as we decide to celebrate our Christmas our way, in our home, in the place we are coming to love dearly... well, it's only going to poison them in the end.

We know it hurts others that we are happy. Hurts more that we are happiest a long way away, and against all warnings and advice they so darkly offered. 

How are we to see the future if we don't open our eyes and take the leap? 

WonderMan told me the other day that my smile has come back. 

I almost burst into tears on the spot. I had thought it might never be found again.

I think he thought so too. 

I'm glad I could give it back to him.



  1. Beautiful post. I was just saying to my hubby the other day that I would like to be far away this Christmas. A bit sad, but true none the less.

    1. Christmas is supposed to be fun, not full of narkiness - so I stopped making other people happy and made us happy this year. If it works go with it I say!

  2. Aw, glad you've got your smile back. As much as you are happy to be away from family, I'd love to be near mine this year. Maybe another year...

    1. Thanks Heather. It's an eternal struggle, isn't it? Missing family or being overloaded with them? I hope you get to see them soon x


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