Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Is Father Christmas baby Jeebub's daddy?

The last concert is over for the year. 

Thank goodness.

It's enough that we have a childcare and a school concert - but Tiger is in the choir and therefor has attended every single concert and celebration in the town.

I happily said yes to all of these, because every bit of experience and time spent in our community is important. 

I just really need a rest.

And Frog keeps asking why the baby Jeebub is still a baby, and not growed up yet.

And also if Father Christmas is his daddy.

Which is very difficult to answer when you are threading button trees and supervising small people crafts.

There's just parties left in our diary now.

I think we've earned them. 

I'm just off to warn the baby sitter about baby Jeebub.

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