Tuesday, 18 December 2012

New Years Evemas and other mashed up holidays - Wine Selectors review

This year we are mixing things up a little.

Chucking the crazy Christmas rush and shunning the family in favour of a lot of relaxing and an open house.

Christmas dinner?

I'm guessing pizza while we play the Wii my kids could not even dream they  will be getting and arguing over the best Skylander.

We have decided to open up our house to our friends and family for the next couple of weeks so we can catch up without the stress, an escape from the eternal tug of war we all feel during this season.

Good food. Good friends. All we need now is some good wine.

Oh wait.

I'm done already.

Thanks to Wine Selectors my bar is nicely stocked up with a range of wines to suit any taste.

All except one.

WonderMan insisted we try one as soon as they arrived, just to "make sure".

He opened a Ballast Stone Rose. I've been a big fan of Ballast Stone ever since I visited their cellar door at Signal Point in Goolwa while on holiday last year.

It certainly didn't disappoint and was the highlight of my week. It was beautifully light, just the pink to enjoy on a hot summer's evening.

Still waiting in my bar are a couple of reds, a reisling, and of course the obligatory New Years Evemas bubbles.

All so easy to choose according to your favourite tastes, or the stretch of your wallet.

Delivered to your door. Now that's happy mail.

And I discovered something else.

The more you buy.... the cheaper they get! Seriously, Wine Selectors are talking my language.

They have even made it onto my list of places you could buy me a gift card from and I wouldn't hurt you with it for being lazy. It's a list of one.

Race over now and kick start your 2013 wine collection. Or you could post me a gift card. That's a good idea too.

And a Happy New Years Evemas to you xx

PS: Wine Selectors sent me a box of six wines, and asked me if I would like to tell you about them. And their PR was lovely, so I said yes. Just so you know.

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