Friday, 11 January 2013

FFS Friday!

It's been "one of THOSE days"

But I don't really want to discuss it because it will just make me cross and wrinkly FFS

Twelve months since my last excruciating slog... I'm back on the job hunt again. FFS.

Is there anything more miserable and soul destroying than endless rounds of cover letters? FFS

To combat this I have written a cover letter my way - in other words a diplomatically worded "I am fantastic, when should I come in for my trial?" type way. I'm either going to win a job on utter smugness or they will ignore me. FFS.

There's lots more whine... but... but...

But I don't care at all really because I fit into a pair of skinny jeans for the first time in five years so the whole world can kiss my sexy arse.


You should totally go visit Dear Baby G and have a laugh and nod knowingly at all our combined FFS moments. We've all been there.

Dear Baby G


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