Thursday, 17 January 2013

I need your help!

That's right, I do!

I like my bloggy space. 

But it's not pretty.

I'm no geek, and pretty much all the techy things all you other bloggers are discussing go right over my head.

Not even through. There's not much room to fit anything in anyway. It's like my own personal tote bag in there. And it's overflowing.

There's that pesky tangent again.

What I want from you is simple...

I want you to give me your favourite people who style blogs. 

I want colours, I want some of me to be reflected, and I want it to be Blogger compatible and zero maintenance by moi.

And preferably not with a platinum pricetag attached, because this blog has made me a total of $4.20 in it's short life and I'm not really fussed if it never makes any more.

But I'm ready to invest in it. And as I make more effort to share my voice I want the place you visit to reflect that voice. I want it to feel like you are sitting on my terrace looking out over the valley and nattering.

Can you help?


  1. Like you I have been wanting a blog revamp. And looked around and asked. Most were out of my price range. Then while reading Dear Baby G blog recently, I was looking around on her blog, and there was a link to who designed hers...
    The price was in my range, hope that helps. X

    1. That's fantastic Vicky, thank you! I lurve Sarah's blog design so will definitely follow it up :)

  2. Natalie, take a look at my blog. http://www.caroandco If you like it, you should consider my designer, Dave Rayner. He also did Inside Cuisine's site. He's very reasonable. If you email me on caro at caroandco dot com I can pass on his details. He was very reasonable. Cheers, Caro


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