Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Hey, It's Okay!

Channeling the lovely Whispering Writer today and bringing you an update on what I am okay about this week...

Buying the kids McAwfuls for lunch, then finding out the people we were visiting had declared it a "junk food" visit because it was a special treat to catch up..... and then buying them McAwfuls on the way home for dinner.....

Spending all day out Thursday to avoid the mouse in the bath instead of growing up, putting some gloves on and removing it myself.

Letting Frog "plant" the strawberry seedlings for me. In other words, digging them up and putting them back in the pot a hundred times. I can always buy more strawberry plants.

Keeping the damned Zhu Zhu pet forever after another failed attempt at the reward system with Tiger. She does fantastically, until you reward her. After that you might as well book yourself in for some Guantanamo style mental torture, because it would be better than the bullshit she pulls for the week afterwards.

Wishing on every god there may be that she would be good for just one more day so I could give the damn thing back. Waking up in the middle of the night and spotting it on my bookshelf is giving me nightmares about rabid hamster type things squeaking and beeping while they gnaw my cold dead bones....

Forgetting to buy new nail polish remover and getting around with chipped polish. After finally nailing the art of painting my nails without looking like a five year old did it, I'm too scared to try again in case I fail.

Drinking coffee and catching up on all the blogs I have been too tired to read this week, instead of doing the housework. As well as letting Frog distract me all day yesterday with "Mummy put Frog inna swing inna sunny shine!".

Enjoying the hell out of The Bitches face when we turned up to Super Granny's hopuse in our new car. And waving at her when I drive past her in the street, because they are the best lemon lips I have ever seen!

Not caring if Beyonce is pregnant or not. Seriously, when did "Woman gets pregnant" become a news headline?

Seeing what I can make my friends do just to get their country bumpkin hands on one of the Ikea catalogues I brought home from the city with me.

Buying WonderMan a whipper snipper for his birthday in the hope he will make our yard look pretty instead of the "weeds as feature plants" thing we have going on at the moment.

Really wishing he would let me have a go because it looks like so much fun, without trying to look like I want to.

Giving up on my hair and deciding to grow it until I can put it in a sophisticated updo without to much hairspray. I crave the simple life, and I keep dropping my straightener on my toes, which doesn't help my morning patience level.

Being secretly proud that I can keep up with the girls in my dance classes, considering I am more than ten years older than all of them, and have had two babies.

Being a closet show pony and wanting to invite all my friends to my dance concert at the end of the year, using the line "Tiger would LOVE you to come to her dance concert in December if you can make it".

What are you okay about this week?


  1. That was great.
    I've been okay with eating the evil Mc about 4 times this week (shaker fries - I can't help myself) and generally being mediocre with most things.

    Try the whipper snipper when the man isn't home. When we had a big yard, I LOVED cranking the lawn mower and going crazy chopping up the grass (weird I know).

  2. Thankyou!

    I used to be quite precious about the lawn mowing, it was my job until I got pregnant with Frog. So either you're not weird, or we both are!

    I may have to "test it on an inconspicuous area first" just in case ;)


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