Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Hey, It's Okay!


There's lots of things to be okay about today:

Like blogging while my cleaner washes my floors,

Being strong-willed enough to chop up an apple to have with my salad sandwich, instead of hightailing it to my favourite cafe to have a peri peri wrap,

Wearing my favourite racing t-shirt because I miss my motorbike,

Missing WonderMan,

While feeling guiltily grateful that since he's been gone my house looks nice,

Wanting the grass to grow faster so I can use his whipper snipper I gave him for his birthday,

Not speaking to The Bitch because she didn't speak to me, which is much nicer than the threats she spews at me whenever I am not around,

Being excited about Frog's 11 hour sleep marathon last night, considering the slim chances of it ever happening again, I may as well enjoy my five minutes of non-sleep deprived sanity.

Not understanding how people can be so dirty. Seriously, you sit on your fat arse all day, living off the nation's workers, gobbling the town's entire supply of chips and coke, and you can't wash your clothes more than once a month? 

And most of all I'm okay about giving dad my free coffee because it's his birthday today. 

Which really was a peace offering because, being at official retirement age, I gave him a Seniors Card application form as well, and he couldn't hit me with a coffee in his hand.


That's what daughters are for.

You're welcome Dad.


  1. Haha! Yeah, I don't get the people walking around in dirty clothes either!!! Really? I mean, really? Is it so hard?
    LOVE that you are blogging while your cleaner cleans the floors, and that Frog had a big sleep!

  2. I have a cleaner too and on the days she come I usually go to the movies. It's divine.

    Happy birthday Natalie's dad!

  3. You're having a good day! I wish I had a cleaner to clean my floors. Although it might take them two days and they'd never come back ;)

  4. Those people often send their kids to school looking dirty too. It's not hard to wash them and provide them with a healthy lunch. Grrr.

    Huzzah for 11 hour sleeps!

  5. Top job on resisting the peri peri wrap!
    Its amazing how much neater the place stays when the biggest child is away.
    and good on you for getting your blog on while someone else does the floors :)

  6. Ooh I wish I had a cleaner to clean while I blogged! That would be awesome!

    And nice work with the well timed coffee, but you did risk having him throw it at you ;)

  7. I considered that he may throw it, but I think the loss of fancy coffee may have made him think twice!

    This is the first time I have ever had a cleaner, and I thought I was being stupid and whiney but when it's the difference between spending time with my girls, or being a crazy anxious ball of cleaning madness the cleaner wins every time :)

  8. You know, my parents used to have a cleaner (when I still lived there) and I could never sit there while they cleaned around me. I felt guilty or something - like I should be helping! And you think YOU have sleep-deprived insanity!

    Good job with resisting the cafe lunch. I just ate 2 rows of chocolate and a punnet of strawberries for lunch. Nutritionally balanced?


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