Thursday, 29 December 2011

Yes I'm Still Sick But I Went To Work Anyway

I don't work in a tough job, I don't break my butt doing hard, sweaty labour all day.

But every now and then I consider getting a job like that in the hope my butt will stop being all squishy and fun for Frog to "play drums on".


Today was effing tough.

The golf balls in my throat are trying to choke me.

The ever present myalgia/ross river wannabe virus means that at the sight of a sniffle my muscles and joints freeze up and then burn with the fires of hell for days on end.

Standing up and talking to people all day was not what I needed, but I could hardly say I wasn't going to show up when I am the one and only back up when the bosses go away.

And I really need to be putting away some rental bond so I don't end up living in a box.

Also it would be CRIMINAL if I finally moved to wine country and had no moolah with which to buy wine to make me feel better when the demon muscles visit me next.

All I can say is "PRAIS JEEBUS" for the holiday down time, allowing us to shut the doors early and go the fuck home.

I'm not sure where my head was at when I decided to go out for dinner... but it was better than cooking and that's all I cared about.

I took my mum, my kids and my baby niece out without the dubious pleasure of WonderMan's hyperactivity (he is at the coast with Pa fishing for fishy wishes and reliably informs me his nuts have frozen off). My meal was so huge I feel like I'm a competitor in the Ultimate Sloth Championships.

Still quite crippled and pain wracked but the discovery of pain relief I was given from the last episode means I am high and crippled and pain wracked.

So in other words - I am all kinds of awesome right now. And will no doubt not be able to get out of bed in the morning. Meh.

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