Thursday, 15 March 2012

Back in the land of lunacy

Yep. Back again. 

Went out yesterday and spent $70 on a universal laptop charger.

At 1:30pm the delivery guy turned up with the one I've been waiting four weeks for.

I think it's best expressed thusly:

I've had a bit of a not-quite-so-domestic goddess week. I haven't cleaned the bathrooms, and picking up after the kids has been fairly touch and go. However I'm not climbing over the toys to get to the door, and have got away without having to do the laundry basket sniff test to keep us in clothes. 

This is a win in my books... there's only so much you can do when you're on a continuously extended solo parenting junket.

I pause here to thank any gods who may be listening that we picked a courtyard home. Because I will admit that although I am keeping up with feeding all the animals, getting the other animals children to school and daycare and making sure I turn up to work on the right day, if I had lawns to mow and gardens to weed they would be trying to smother us in our sleep by now.

Instead I have some pavement and an invisible gardener for the bushes that fill up the bit with no pavement. I say invisible because I haven't seen her since the first week, neither can I see any gardening happening. Or maybe it's because she is being politically incorrect and not wearing her hi-vis vest.

I do my part by poking at the bushes with a big stick and shouting to keep any stray squatters at bay. It keeps me (and no doubt my neighbours) entertained.

Amongst all this life is finding it's rhythm.

Despite the hiccups of the moment, and the struggle to keep it all going by myself, there's a calmness to my days and a feeling that tomorrow will come.

It might take some time, but we're getting back on our feet. Even if I do look as bewildered as he does a lot of the time.



  1. Its nice to hear you have found a rhythm to life, in the bloody chaos it is at times. And I am glad you got a charger, finally, cause I was really enjoying your posts.... and for your own sanity too, of course.

    1. Bloody chaos is exactly right! I hope you continue to enjoy my musings :)

  2. Good to see you back. I look forward to more of your witty writings. i love it that you are not a drama queen like some. You just tell it like it is. Cheers and best wishes. xo

    1. Thanks Lydia! Can you please tell my mum that? She tends to roll her eyes at me a lot... ;)


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