Friday, 6 July 2012

FFS Friday

Dear Baby G and co are at it again with their weekly first world whine... so let's get into it shall we?

Blogger wants me to switch to Google Chrome and is driving me mad with the constant pop up telling me so Every. Single. Time. I Click. On. A. Page. When I clicked Dismiss the first time, I meant it. Bugger off Blogger. FFS.

WonderMan cost me more money than I made last month. This is what in financial terms is called a liability and should be culled. The banker in me is nodding her head vigorously. So is the shoe shopper who has worked herself into the ground for the last four weeks. I am so damn over working for nothing. FFS.

I'm getting the guilt trip from SuperGranny for sending Tiger to her house sick. 
1) She wasn't sick when I sent her. 
2) SG would have ripped my head off if I thought she was sick and cancelled her trip.
 I cannot win. FFS.

Tiger's school photos came back and she's making a face or chewing her lip or something. Surely they can fucking take a second fucking picture?? Especially when charging $50 for the privilege of having unusable pictures. FFS.

I am three weeks away from a month with no work. Being a temp sucks big hairy fucking balls. FFS.

I said something on an online forum and now the paper wants to do a story on our family, including photo. To say I am slightly freaking out is a lie. I am terrified. FFS.

I could not remember writing it at all, and had to print out the discussion so I have some idea what I'm supposed to say. FFS.

We have to wait for TEN payment summaries before we can do our tax this year. I forsee completion of said tax return sometime in the year 2020. FFS.

The $100 light on the turtle tank has stopped working. FFS.

It got so cold last night the ducting wouldn't work and the gas heater starter stopped sparking. FFS.

Frog got into my bed in the middle of the night and put her freezing cold icicle feet on my legs and her icy hands around my neck for a cuddle. FFS.

 I haven't been blogging or hanging around Twitter too much because I spend my days perpetually angry and about to lose my shit. Right now when I need you all the most, I can't trust myself not to explode and shower you in my bullshit life. FFS.

Please send rainbows and unicorn farts by express post.


Dear Baby G


  1. Oooh Natalie, you make me want to cry. I wish I could make it better, or at least warmer! I find everything is so much worse when I'm cold. Weird much? So I went and bought some hot water bottles.

    Those school photographer people are a rort. I'm so insanely curious as to what you said on the forum?!


    1. It's slightly warmer now! New gas bottle delivered this week made a difference :)

      I'll be telling you all about what I said next week when the article comes out ;)

  2. About Google.. don't use the Google bars at the top of the screen and I use Firefox and they are so frikken marvelous and block and drop down or pop up. I wonder if Wonderman is really so wonderful. Is he working? Hoping life gets better and money comes rolling in. Take care.xo

    1. I'm using firefox too, it's a bar at the top of the webpage that comes up, I think it may have got the picture because it has disappeared!

  3. Heaps of unicorn farts heading your way :)
    Hope life stops kicking you in the teeth ASAP.

    1. Thanks Katriina - I can always use extra unicron farts ;)


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